Love Poems From My Heart

Poem 1

This is a Poem from my heart about living in the present moment and enjoying the attention, presence and love of the One for You!

Just BE with me.

Just Sit with me.

Just Allow me to Dwell in your divine succulent presence.

Just BE you without distractions.

Just BE you without your protective walls.

Just BE you, the romantic king that makes my Queen’s heart swell with divine love.

Just BE you, the gentleman that I know you are and can choose to Be.

Just BE you, the kind and loving soul that I know you are.

Just BE you, the authentic perfect “designed by God” king made for greatness destined to soar and roar.

Just BE you, my Hero, the one who swept me off my feet with your divine sexy eyes and generous heart.

Let’s carry each other in the beauty and magnificence of our united spirits, in this moment.

The only moment there is.

Just BE with me in the NOW.

No one else exists.

No one else matters.

Just you and I.

Your attention is more priceless than anything you could ever give me.

So just BE with me in this moment, because for now, only you and I exist surrounded by the grace and love of God in the sacredness of our unity. Just BE with me.

Queen Marième Faye

Poem 2

A Love declaration from Queen Marième’s Heart to her King’s Heart

I fell in love with you heart,

Then your spirit romanced me.

Your soul snatched my unconditional love and refused to let go.

My spirit said yes.

My soul said yes.

My body said yes and yearns for yours since then.

You are the apple of my eyes.

I know that God loves me deeply because He created You just for me.

You amplify my joy.

You uplift my spirit.

You make me feel beautiful, sexy and divine.

You bring out the divine feminine and the goddess in me who is captived by you.

The Queen in me yearns for the King in you.

I can’t wait to fully surrender myself to you forever; spirit, mind, soul and body.

I can’t wait for us to be ONE under God.

You make me feel safe, loved and cherished.

You treasure me as I treasure you.

Together, we shall continue to raise each other’s hearts to the level of pure, divine, deep, authentic unconditional love.

Love that some people only dream of and experience through romantic movies.

Love that we get to experience every day, lost in each other and into each other.

Love that makes the birds sing for us every morning as they can feel our hearts’ connection.

Love that make us feel joy, happiness and bliss everyday.

Love that conquers All hearts, elevates spirits and seduces souls to ecstasy and full divine communion.

This is how much I love you my dear King, this Love that I have for you is purely unexpected which makes it so much more powerful and exciting.

I love you mon amour, mon coeur, mon chéri, ma vie.

Queen Marième Faye


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