For the Person You Are

download (42)A healthy relationship has no need for petty games, as such never make him/her feel disrespected, unimportant, or controlled. Instead make her/him feel loved, important and needed in the relationship, show the one you love what REAL trust and communication looks like. Nobody wants to go through a cycle of pain, lies, and betrayal and nobody should!

Love between two people has been and always will be a verb and as such is requires action. That means both parties need to make it crystal clear just how much they love one another, honestly if a person is constantly saying that they love you and no action is taking place (whether it’s big or small) that is just not going to work out.

A small gesture of love is not too much to ask and the person you want to be with needs to understand this.

The ability to accept your partner (and vice-versa) for who they are in the moment you fell in love with them and not with the person who they *may* become is without a doubt a major key to a successful relationship. Nobody wants to be with a person who refuses to accept the present for what it is.

Any relationship that lacks true honesty is doomed from the get go, because eventually the lies will build up and come crashing down destroying everything you both have toiled to build, however with communication and forgiveness is can definitely be amended but the relationship will be forever changed dishonesty is a hard thing to get over (to say the least). Honestly honesty is an essential building block to a sturdy love.

Knowing what you want out of the relationship beforehand is always a good thing. Being up front and vocal about it is also for the best because mixed signals can lead to horrible things (very horrible lol), and never ever ever ever settle for less. Commit to being happy within any relationship you choose to enter whether its for a short time or a long stay.

Trusting another person comes down to a personal decision and if that person decides to let you down… Remember they made a choice to do so, and since everyone deserves to be with a truthful and caring person if you find they can no longer be that, then why stay any longer?

It’s very hard to trust a person to do the right thing after they have crossed that line and staying in the relationship may cause you unnecessary strain in your life. Let them make the choice because it’s ultimately up to you how many lies you are willing to put up with in the end.

One true mark of a good relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. Pretty much a love void of secret and lies. Who wouldn’t want to feel love like that?

No point in being in a relationship without getting and giving some type of support. Learn how to love you, Be Yourself.


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The 7 Habits of Smart Magnetic Women – How to Be Happy In Your Relationship & Mesmerize Your Man

download (41)By harnessing the power of habit you can enjoy the life and relationship you really want.

Here are the seven habits of smart magnetic women that will keep you feeling nurtured and vibrant with lots of love in your heart.

Are these habits part of your daily life? Which ones do you need to adopt to create the life that delights you?

There is simply no way to create a deep intimate connection with your partner, if you don’t prioritise your self-care.

If you don’t have a habit of putting yourself first on your to-do list, then you probably feel resentful and depleted, or blame your partner for not giving you what you need.

This energy is not magnetic! And your partner won’t be inspired to give you what you need if you appear resentful, demanding or needy.

So, what can you do about it?

Put first attention on yourself. Find out what you feel, and what you need. Fill your love tanks up. When we are nourished we are more relaxed. Also, when we are more relaxed, we have the ability to make a request, rather than blame.

Of course we know that there is a request behind every blame. But when we feel stressed and unloved, it might be really hard to make a request that inspires action. The resentment will sneak out, he’ll sense it, and shut down. The energy behind your requests is crucial.

I invite you to take a stand for your life and practice extreme self-care. What makes your eyes shine? What fulfils you, and makes the stars fall out of your heart, and onto every passer-by?

There are seven fundamentals that are vital for women to fully enjoy life.

#1. Movement

To connect to our bodies, we need movement that brings us joy. Are you dancing, or practicing any other kind of movement that makes you feel excited, and ready to jump out of bed? Think of movement rather than exercise. The thought of exercise can be draining, and that is the opposite of what we need.

#2. Healthy Diet

Yes, Beautiful, yes. Healthy eating is important for love.

How is your diet? Sometimes nutritionists make it rather hard. In fact, it’s pretty simple. Eat more raw greens, colourful veggies, and fruits. Buy as little as possible packaged food, and drink lots of pure water. Homemade food prepared with love, and joy can do miracles. Start eating more fruits, and sweet root vegetables, and you will have fewer cravings for sweets.

I invite you to become curious about your relationship with food, and start treating your body with love and respect, as if you are feeding your baby. Of course, you want to feed your baby the most nutritious food.

#3. Sleep

We need rest. Sleep is so essential for us to feel sexy and loving. Don’t underestimate its significance? They say that for our biological clock to be at its best, we need to go to sleep by ten at night, and get up by seven in the morning. This makes us feel thrilled about the new day, and more inclined to share our love with our man. Do you feel loving and sexy when you are tired? Make it a habit to go to bed by ten, in order to enjoy your dreams.

Sleep is far from a waste of time. It recharges our batteries, fills us up with patience and love, and allows our spirits to process each day’s events in a gentle manner.

#4. Spending Time with Girlfriends

It’s amazing what the company of women can do for us. Have you tried a girls’ weekend away? It can do wonders. We nourish each other, and we fill each other with sensual, calm, and nurturing energy. Finally, talking about our feelings without someone else, trying to solve the problem. What a miracle. Girlfriends are the best people to talk with, and unload our “stuff.”. They listen, and know we just need to talk, and empty our heads. After we are nourished and cleansed, we have much more capacity to meet our men, and be ready for romance.

#5. Time Alone and Spiritual Practice

How do you feel after spending time by yourself? With our busy lifestyles, we often forget how good it feels to spend time alone, and connect with ourselves.

We need to have alone time to centre ourselves, and check what is happening inside. We need time to distance ourselves from our life’s everyday issues. We need time to see the bigger picture, to plug into the energy of the universe, and to sense the higher purpose of our lives.

#6. Time with Nature

Fresh air heals our bodies, purifies us, and gives us so much energy. The sun energises us, increases our happiness hormones, and supplies our bodies with important vitamin D. The wind blows out destructive thoughts, and wakes up the sensuality of our skin.

#7. Sensual Touch and Sex

“Sensory stimulation is a nutrient that the brain must have to develop and function normally.”~James Prescott

Make a “touching date” with your man. It’s better to agree that you won’t go into sex. Just caress each other, feeling the skin, and awakening your senses. Choose whose turn is first to receive and indulge in the feelings without trying to give your touch, and love at the same time. Be totally selfish! Then, when it’s your turn to give, fully give, and enjoy giving. If you touch each other at the same time, it diffuses the intensity, and doesn’t give so much pleasure. Try to be in a completely giving or receiving mode. This can feel very vulnerable and exciting; so explore!

We need sex. It’s not just about pleasure; it’s important for our well-being, and full enjoyment of life.

So, by taking care of yourself, you will take care of your relationship. Not caring about yourself is selfish. You are less patient and have less to give.


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How to Choose Your Partner and Build a Stronger Relationship

download (40)Finding the right person and building a relationship is the topic of the century. More and more people break up, divorce or find themselves lonely and disappointed by their partners.

In my own journey I have tried to understand what have I overlooked. It turned to me that key and most common to a couple’s success is the willingness to invest. Just like you take time to go through education, specialize in your job, learn a foreign language or raise a child, a couple is no different. Requires effort to build it and constant attention and interest for your beloved one. Here is what to look for in broad lines and 3 categories.

Firstly, at the beginning, you need to look for some common grounds related to life in general. Mind for similar level of education and career aspirations, choice of geographical location, desire for long-term relationship or building a family. Same applies for lifestyle expectations, religion and values or sexual compatibility.

Secondly, watch for deal-breakers: vices, infidelity, abuse, immaturity, 3rd party intervention, self and self-worth insecurities, care for appearance and cleanliness. As you dive into the relationship, recheck for point 1 above: religion and upbringing differences, long distance, significant income differences, money interests or money or fame greed, another family, interest for personal development.

Thirdly, if you feel comfortable that the above criteria does not raise major issue, then, it is worthwhile paying a closer attention to building your partnership at a stronger level. Perhaps you have already been doing so, which is great, this will therefore only raise your awareness.

1. Build each other’s confidence, treat with trust and respect
2. Support individual projects for further personal growth and sharing
3. Ensure time together for common passions and hobbies
4. Practice positivity, patience and whatever you do, do it with good intentions and love
5. Increase your level of presence and embody two-way communication (when in conflict talk about facts and your feelings without throwing arrows at the other person)

As the relationship advances and years pass, perhaps remind yourself to:

1. Make sure you stay in touch: hug, kiss, write, talk, plan for connection and intimate moments
2. Realign your priorities, interests and vision for success (avoids unmet expectations)
3. Don’t get lost in roles (parent, child or toxic relationships; you are an adult for your couple) or lose identity (do only things that other wants and not take care of self)
4. Practice healthy communication (positive feed-back, allow SARAH, conflict resolution)
5. Don’t get caught in thoughts, worries and material possessions, but take life with ease and be in the flow. That will bring security and joy in a natural way

How do you know he or she is the right ”one” for you?

If all things in the right direction, you feel it. Your intuition tells you. You effortlessly flow in the same direction, you dream together, you do not care what others think or say. Your partner is your friend, lover and confident and you grow together. In a partnership fears are waived, feelings are not guessed but shared, disapproval will be done from equality. You are comfortable together and you want to be part of each other’s activities even if they don’t seem extremely special. Doing nothing is wonderful together. You are joyful, energized and passionate. Conversations unwind, you laugh at each other without hearting feelings and you don’t feel an urge to control what the other is doing.

Depending on your stage in life and personal agenda, above may or may not apply. You may wish to decide for yourself what is the criteria that matters at every step. Make your own list of ”musts” and ”deal-breakers”. Whilst picturing it, you may come to realize lots of things about what is important to you, what really matters in your relationships and what are the things that you could never come to terms with. Generic recipes don’t work for everybody. They are meant to kick the process of self-discovery, investigation and personal development.


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A Spell To Make Someone Love You How To Turn Hate Into Love

Disagreement and misunderstanding are the result of a faulty communication. The repeated incidence may lead people to hate you or vice versa. Sometimes you decide to end all contact with each other. In case of friends or colleagues, it may not affect you. But what about someone you love? It will definitely do.

Some just need time to forget while others never do. Gifts, imploration and love letters usually will not make a difference. How to get rid of this hate against you from your loved one’s mind and heart? Could a spell to make someone love you turn things around?

Dissolve Hate

Spells have been used to dissolve negativity from a home or a person’s life since a long time ago. The same can be done with any hate your loved one feels against you. Spells can also address resentment on your side. This may get you in talking terms again. However, if you want to be more than friends, you will have to make her love you.

Create Unconditional Love

A spell to make someone love you exists in different varieties. My favorite consists on bringing forth deep emotions for you that are being suppressed by your loved one and empowering them. These are her true feelings for you.

Making your loved one imagine himself in romantic scenarios with you also make him fall in love with you deeply. In fact, that is how most of us fall in love, in our mind. According to psychologists, this is unable to recognize what’s real or not. In other words, you will get the same feelings with a kiss of your loved one than if you just imagine it.

Increase Communication

If a faulty communication brought your loved one to hate you, you can improve it with a spell. This will help you understand each other better and resolve your problems before they impact your relationship. You do not want to return to a relationship only to find yourself in daily arguments and other annoyances as before.

Other Causes of Hate

Hopefully, you have a good idea of what caused your loved one to hate you. Just to refresh your memory, it may be

– Gossip among friends

– Family opposition

– Infidelity

Preferably, a spell should address these other causes. Sometimes you just need to get away from bad companies.

Love, Friendships and Business Relationships

A spell to make someone love you can make your relationship even better than before, if you follow the advice above. It does not matter whether your loved one hates you since long ago or just recently. Spells can also make friendships and business relationships great by turning hate into unconditional affection.


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Does She Really Love Me

Feelings are hard to decipher especially when it involves women. Sometimes, they appear interested but then you just realized that it’s just a friendly gesture. If you are really into the lady and you’ve been dating for quite some time now, it is only natural that you search for any evidence of her love for you. Of course, nobody wants to be misled when you have already invested too many emotions.

So how do you know if her affection towards you is truly sincere? You will sense it. Females are very expressive of what they feel. But this gets confusing when she also starts treating other guys in the same manner.

Here are some behaviors that will give you hints of what she feels.

She makes time.

Ladies are very particular with their schedule. But when you invite her for an unexpected Friday dinner, she will make it a point to show up. You are always a part of her plan. She doesn’t consider you as an option, you are a choice.

She’s comfortable around you.

A girl who loves you will show you her true self, with no makeup on and tangled hair. She loves you enough that she lets you in her personal space. Every chance she gets, she wants to get closer to you and wants you to do the same.

She really looks at you. Because she’s comfortable with you, she makes sure that she is looking at you straight in the eye. The way she stares at you would seem like she is peeking into your soul. She also listens attentively to what you are going to say. When you tell her something, you will see her listening earnestly. In return, you feel confident telling her anything because you know she will understand.

She trusts you with her deepest, darkest secrets.

She shares her most kept secrets with you. They are the things that she doesn’t just tell anyone, even her friends. She also asks advice from you regarding family and personal problems. She highly respects your opinion on world issues. When she has won an award or got something she extremely wanted, you are the first person she spills it to. You communicate openly with each other, no holds barred.

She wants the best for you.

She tends to act like a mother and tells you what to do. She tries to talk you out of your bad habits. If your girl doesn’t want you to involve yourself with harmful schemes, she absolutely cares for you. If that still isn’t love, then I don’t know what else you can call it.


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Don’t Fall in Love Too Fast How to Apply the Brakes Without Derailing Your Relationship

There is nothing wrong with falling in love quickly, really. You get to taste the feeling right when it arrived and for a moment, you are on cloud nine. The problem with this, however, is, usually, it can only last for a moment. Then after that moment of bliss comes sweeping pain, despair, depression, and all other emotions that could be fatal.

This may not be true to all, but this is what happens most of the time. Two people, swept by passion (prematurely), will realize they can no longer handle the roller-coaster flow of emotions in a relationship. They will then decide to abandon what they thought to be “true love” simply because “it’s not working anymore”. Sad, I know. But, you know what’s worse? It’s too easy to fall in love, but it’s too hard to move on.

So, would you still like to fall in love too fast? No, of course not. You need to be extra vigilant about your feelings and make sure you won’t fall into the trap of quick commitments and quick breakups. If you truly want a lasting relationship, learn to apply the brakes where necessary. Learn to halt your heart, and activate your head. Here’s how:

  • Know the qualities you want in a partner

Before opening yourself up to a relationship, make sure you already know the qualities of the person that you want to be with. Be clear about what you want so you won’t fall for anything less than you deserve. Be specific about the character, the principles, the beliefs, the interests, and the overall appearance of the person. It is true that you can never find everything you’re looking for out of a single wo/man, but having a list will keep you guided on who to choose or not. It will also keep you from getting strayed on the sudden outburst of emotion when a total heartthrob asks you for a date.

  • Get to know the person well

Some people have multiple personalities, and sometimes, it’s hard to decipher the true character from the pretenses. It is absolutely important to take ample time in knowing the person better before jumping into whatever conclusion. It takes time to know a person and build confidence and trust. Don’t be too picky, but don’t be too easy either. If you are looking for someone you can keep forever, be very mindful and observant on the person’s behavior and words. Talk to him or her as often as you can so you will know his thoughts, then you can have a glimpse into his very soul.

  • Affirm the genuineness of the person’s affection towards you

Anyone can say they love you, but there’s hardly one who can prove it. This is the hardest part, but the most important of all. Choosing someone who truly loves you is essential if you don’t want to spend a lot of time getting jealous with some trifler. Show everything bad and ugly about you, and see whether s/he stays. But don’t take it to exaggeration. Show how horrid you can get but make sure to keep it real. Someone who stays after seeing your worst is truly a keeper.

Nothing that is taken in haste ever lasted. Everything pure and durable takes a long, rigorous process. Even diamonds take billion of years to form under high temperature and pressure. So, don’t fall in love too fast if you want a relationship that can stand the test of time.


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Is Your Love Truly Love

Most people think they know what love is. After all, have not we all been in love before? However, I am here to argue that most people do not truly know what love is, even though they frequently use the word “love” in their conversations. In fact, most people use this word much too frequently and too freely without truly knowing what it is.

If you say that you love someone, and you feel sad, miserable, empty or lonely without him or her, then you are not truly loving the person. What you love is the fact that he or she can fulfil your needs for safety or significance.

Perhaps having this person in your life makes you feel safe or protected. Or perhaps having this person makes you feel safer than facing up to the fearful unknown. Many of those in abusive relationships stay stuck in their relationships because of this feeling of relative safety of the known abuses over the perceived fear of the unknown.

Another reason we say we love someone is because that person fulfil our need to be significant, to be useful, to be needed, or to be of relevance in this life. This gives our life a certain purpose, as if our life is not wasted otherwise. Having someone who love us boosts our self esteem, self worth and give us a sense of belonging and acceptance.

This kind of love leads to an additional need. We need that the person we love behave and respond to us in a certain way that fulfil our own needs. If not, then conflicts arise in the relationship. So our love is conditional.

This is what most people called “love” but it is truly only a selfish need for love. This kind of love fulfils Abraham Maslow’s first four levels of human needs, that is physiological need, need for safety, need for belonging, and need for self esteem. True love is only possible when we have worked through our own inner issues and understand the true cause of our deeper fears and needs for safety and significance.

True love, in the spiritual sense, is unconditional. By this, we mean that true love does not have any personal needs to be fulfilled. True love is simply giving and totally accepting of who or what that person is, without expecting anything in return from him or her. True love is happy and contented with what is, right here and now.

Every relationship we are in offers us an opportunity to face up to our deepest fears. When we examine our own relationships, and analyse the real motivations for our behaviour, it might lead us to the realisation that the choices we make in our relationships are often intimately related to our own fears.

When the decisions we made are motivated by fears, the consequences are almost always less than desired. On the other hand, when we make choices based on true unconditional love, the outcomes are certainly going to be much more to what we want or need.

Lastly, when we have truly found unconditional love, we will realise that it was never to be found outside of ourselves, for true love is our very essence. Thus, it can only be found within. Once found, peace quickly follows.


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The Impervious, Holy, Gracious Nature of Love

Woken with thoughts I knew not where from, I decided to rise, to write them down, to endeavour to make sense of them. Here they are:


Love argues a debate of reason without resorting to sarcasm, censure or name-calling, remaining ever kind and true to all sides of the debate.

And so such a thing as love is wisdom, choosing words and manner, not of decisive victory, but of truth each step of the discussion.

Loves argues a slow course, assigning its way to integrity, valuing unity of spirit, compelled by a vision of victory in the oneness of humanity. All winning or nobody winning. Nobody losing or all losing.

Love therefore has the final victory, because it thought not of victory, but because it valued truth. It loved the idea that God alone is right, that His ways alone are just, and that fairness is ever the imperative of the moment.

And truth never advances without love by its side, because that in itself would constitute a lie. Love cannot lie. It will not compromise truth. It stands integrally with the truth, real for the moment, every moment, at all times, eternally.

Love is its own wisdom; a wisdom of integrity, and the integrity of wisdom.

Trustworthy and true, love is found in victory, where there is nobody defeated but the lies propagated by the evil one.

Love’s purpose is wisdom, of integrity, of truth. Love is impervious to crassness, holy beyond the trappings of vice, gracious ever in the nature of itself.


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How To Manifest The Right Relationship

Everyone wants a relationship; a partner in crime so to speak but past issues, fear, commitment issues among other wrong ideas block you. You search and search yet to no avail you meet no one that seems right for you. Maybe you see other friends in relationships and often wonder what you might be doing wrong? If this is you, then please read on.

Manifesting the right relationship starts with you; your thoughts are so powerful they create your outcome. First and foremost all society rules need tossing out with the trash. Did you ever wonder who made these rules? Does it matter to you to follow them? Has your life been blissful yet? Most likely your answer is a big fat No!

Do you need a relationship manual? Not really. All you need is very simple actually. The recipe for manifesting the best relationship is to love yourself unconditionally first. Release all past issues and traumas by forgiving everybody, letting go of blame, and realizing that you created it in the first place. Be responsible for yourself. The next ingredient is patience; as healing yourself takes time. The last ingredient is following your own heart by letting it be your only guide and then trusting what you receive. Mix these together, in this order, and you will manifest your true love.

You might be wondering who am I and how do I know? I am speaking from my experience of which I will share with you. Life is truly heavenly and magical if you allow it to be.

My life has always been about relationships. Ever since I started school I have been in one. My first relationship was when I was in the first grade! I had a boyfriend for three years. Thereafter I had one relationship after another until I married. After my divorce I had another bunch of relationships one after another. Summing this up, I have had three marriages and continuous relationships until my third divorce. That was when my guides said, “OK, Maxine, time to analyze and heel yourself first. Ever since 2008, I have not had any relationship until now; the only one meant for me.

Relationships are truly a mirror reflecting you! For instance, I had three marriages with three completely different men! My first husband was 2 years older than me and born in Germany. My second husband was 9 months younger than me, a surfer, outdoorsman, and born in Los Angeles. My third husband was black, from North Carolina, and 24 years younger than myself. Even though they were all completely different, I was the same. My challenge with each of them never changed because I didn’t change. If you want to change your outcomes, you must change yourself first because, I repeat, you attract yourself to you! All of them disrespected me because I disrespected myself! All of them lied to me because I was never honest with myself. Are you getting the idea? In between all these marriages I seriously thought I was different but after a while it was obvious that something deeply hidden inside of me still needed healing. I don’t care how many relationship books you read, or what you think is true, I am here to enlighten you that you are your own creator and everything that happens to you comes from you.

I am an extremely analytical person which has helped me understand these truths. I practiced my new thoughts while doing internet dating and saw instant results. For example, I truly felt that most men on internet sites were dishonest and only looking for sex. The outcome of that thought was I kept attracting men just like that. We all attract what we believe, no matter what that might be, which proves to us that we are correct in our thinking. When I changed that thought to a positive one, I started attracting respectful men. All the time I was working and healing myself I noticed that all the men I liked were unavailable. When you keep attracting unavailable men/women then the universe is telling you that you are not ready for any committed relationship.

Loving myself unconditionally was a process. There is so much to overcome to make this happen as we have been kept in fear with no understanding of how our universe truly works. We are taught to look up to other people, to envy others, believing we are not pretty enough, young enough, thin enough,and/or worry about other’s opinions. Remember this important fact; when others judge you, they truly are judging themselves. We are taught to care for others more than ourselves. That is so untrue and so many people think they love themselves unconditionally yet continue to put others before themselves. Why? Because you have learned that is being selfish! Remember I will repeat this many times, everyone is a mirror reflection of you. When you love yourself unconditionally in every single way, then you can ONLY attract people who love you unconditionally. There is NO WAY out of this rule. This rule extends to all relationships; friends, co-workers, boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, family, etc.

After 8 years of dating, learning, growing, and practicing this new me, I started to notice that everyone I attracted was loving, kind, considerate, and had great relationship potential yet, they were not completely compatible to me. Instead of looking at this as a negative, I saw this as a positive. It was a sign my guides were sending me that the right man would soon arrive. I am a person who is not only psychic but also follow my guidance 100%. We all have guides who speak to us in many ways. My guides were showing me that my real twin flame was close by. I will admit that there were times I felt it would never happen. As soon as my thoughts went down that road, I quickly released them and replaced them with positive affirmations.

6 months ago I was given a complete description of the man I would meet; my true last relationship. At that time I was living in another state. I moved, settled in, and got the intuitive message to go back on a particular dating site. Being completely surprised as I had sworn off all dating sites, yet they insisted. One magical day, my twin, who also was a member on that site, was given the intuitive feeling to go on this site now! He had not visited that site for four months. At that same time he was given the message, I happened to be available to chat. He sent me a message and the rest is history! Now I truly know why no other relationship was right for me. Truth be told, I had to heal myself and so did he. I have never met anyone who was so perfect for me in every way! He is more than a soul mate; he is my twin flame. A twin flame is the other half of yourself who is created the same time you were. Whatever your true heart desires, what you have wanted all your life, your dreams, is your twin flame.

What is the moral of this story? That everything happens for a reason. To always be positive about all occurrences. To love yourself unconditionally first. Must be patient and know that timing is everything. Most importantly to also trust what you receive with no questions asked and release all worries because when the time is right, magic happens.


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How to Be So Happy in Love

There is no perfect recipe for love. You got to discover the exact blend to get the right taste. The thing is, if you are only patient and persistent enough, your deep emotion for someone will last for eternity. Like a beautiful flower, love is a feeling that should be cultivated in order to grow stronger.

Love is not all about happiness.

It’s a road full of twists and turns and if you’re lucky enough, you might find the right person that will make you enjoy the bumpy ride. Whenever you are with that person, they will leave a mark in your life that will forever be tagged as one of your happiest moments. But what happens if they decide to walk out of your life? A part of you will be lost and it will take some time for you to recover.

So you see, in love, there are no guarantees. You take risks and invest too much emotion with only a feeling to hold on to. When you fall in love, make the most out of each moment and choose happiness through the following tips.

Be who you are

Once you found the one you are willing to spend the rest of your life with, show him the real you. The person should love you for who you truly are and not for whom you pretend to be. You don’t need to be desperate and become another person just for the other to love you. You just have to wait for the “right one” to come, the one who’ll accept and love the real you.

Be honest

A love built on trust is stronger. As long as you are honest with each other, you can withstand whatever trials. You can never go wrong with the truth. Any relationship without trust is bound to fall apart. For how can you entrust your heart to a person who is deceitful in the first place? Just by knowing that the other is loyal to you will make you sleep better in the morning.

Start with trust and end with trust.

Spend time

Cultivate and allow your feelings for each other to prosper. Spend quality time and have a date every now and then. It is not all the time that absence makes the heart grow fonder, sometimes, it makes the love weaker. Time is everything.

Listen to understand

When there are fights, let go of your pride. The only way to counter the flame is through water. Be the first one to lower your ego. Stay calm then start listening. Anger stems from somewhere and you have to truly pay attention in order to realize the problem. In this way, you can easily resolve any issues without hurting anyone’s feelings.

There is no guarantee as to where your love for each other will take you. In order to be so happy in love, you just got to live each day and not take each other for granted. Fuel the spark in your relationship by sending your loved one a lovely bouquet of flowers from florist Sydney to relive your sweet moments.


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How To Make Him Love You

Believe it or not, there really is a formula to make a man love you.

There are reasons you fall for certain people, and once you understand the rules of attraction, you’ll be the master of making guys fall for you.

If you’ve fallen for a man that you’d like to feel the same way about you, there are things you can do to increase his affection for you. Just keep in mind that he must have some interest in you already for these strategies to work.

Smile well and often:

It makes you look approachable, and it might actually make you happier. Find something to smile about. Think of a happy moment or amusing joke to spark a smile.

If you’ve made eye contact with the man you love, smile at him slowly, letting it spread over your face.

Be yourself:

If you’re fake, it doesn’t matter if you get a guy to fall in love with you, because he won’t really be in love with the real you.


Guys love to talk about themselves, and they think a girl who actively listens to them is so charming.

Listen more than I talk when I was trying to attract a guy.

Have a great attitude:

No one likes to hang out with a pessimistic, negative person.

So, always try to look on the bright side of life.

Be different:

You don’t want him to think that you’re just like all the other girls out there.

So, don’t talk about all those same old topics, like school gossip.

Give him freedom:

Give him his freedom, and that will send him right back for more.

Let your guy know that you value and respect his time with his friends, playing sports, or whatever it is he does in his spare time.

Be trustworthy:

Guys love someone they can trust. Don’t tell your girls every little bit of your private conversations, and your guy will trust and respect you much more.

Don’t mess him around:

Men don’t like to be messed around. Don’t go cold for no reason and don’t try to test a man’s commitment.

Dress attractively:

Men are visual, and women know this better than anything else. Win the attention of other men in the room, and the man you like will do anything to get more attention from you. And of course, he’ll realize how lucky he is to be with you.

These tips on how to make him love you can definitely help you work your magic and make the guy you like fall for you, just as long as you read the signs and make the right move.


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When Love Just Ain’t Enough

Sometimes love is just not enough and most times it’s not always fair. I know it’s a bit cliche but love can really make you do some CRAZY things, or maybe it’s a broken heart that brings the craziness out of us. Oh, don’t sit up here and read this scrunching your nose up at me, like I’m the only one who has been a fool or did something crazy in the name of love.

That sweet 4 letter word called love is what left me with a broken heart. Love had me thinking I could change a man’s mind when he told me he wasn’t ready for a relationship and wasn’t willing to commit. Love had me thinking that this man was going to be my husband. Love had me holding on for a little over a year when it had probably been over within the first 6 months. Love told me I had to fix up what I played a part in messing up in the beginning, when I would disappear and block him out not calling him for weeks sometimes months when that feeling & voice of discernment that I ignored, was trying to tell me he wasn’t the one. Love had me feeling I deserved to get treated that way. Love had me settling for less when deep down I knew I deserved nothing but the very best. And while I knew I deserved better, that small but loud voice in my head told me I would never find anyone better, and he was as good as I was going to get. That very small but loud voice made me swallow my pride and throw all dignity to the side. I tried to hold on to the tiny pieces of him that he was willing to give. That small voice turned into a louder voice when he told me he was through for the 1st of many times. That voice told me I had to keep him in my life even if it meant making a fool of myself.

When he told me he was through and that we should go our separate ways I went in panic mode. How could he dare try to just throw me to the side like some trash that he was through with?!? How could he throw away all that we had or all that I made myself believe we had. I must’ve called his phone a million times and sent a million texts begging him to not leave me, even said I would kill myself. Yeah, ya girl was just down right pitiful. I couldn’t let go of the man who I thought was my soulmate and I couldn’t let him throw it all away either. After days and days of crying, calling, and texting, he finally saw things my way a little, and he decided to remain in my life, but this time on his terms. He changed his number and called me private. Ain’t that some bs?! But that voice in my head grew louder and louder and told me to just be glad he still called me even if it was private. Unfortunately the crazy didn’t stop there, it had just begun. I was going to play by his rules but add a few of my own. So then the pop up visits started. If I couldn’t speak to him when I wanted, I figured I’d just have to go the extra mile.

With dignity out the window, I would drive to his house in the middle of the night knock on his window and didn’t care what he thought or how he felt. The first few times he would get mad and tell me to stop coming by, but the rebellion spirit in me didn’t care what he said. The craziness was in full effect. Not just any crazy but crazy as in me coming down with the flu & strep throat, but I couldn’t focus on getting better, that man consumed my mind. If the flu & strep throat thought it was stopping my show, it had another thing coming. I did another one of my pop up’s, we argued for about an hour playing the blame game back and forth, but by the time the argument was over I was apologizing and unzipping his pants to go down and show my love for him, I guess in my own way to make my apology a little more sincere, and then when I was finished, I left like I had just done something so wonderful when in actuality, I looked like a damn fool. But I didn’t care. If I was going to play a fool, I was going to be the best fool ever.

Arguments got worse, he grew more distant, he’d call it quits, I’d beg him to come back, he’d tell me nothing was going to change, he still didn’t see us going anywhere but if I wanted to “chill” we could still do that. We chilled for a few more months then as all good things come to an end, he text me one night saying he couldn’t do it anymore and how he had to say goodbye NOW to focus on his life. I was devastated. I sent him a long text telling him how much I hated him, but the person I really hated was myself. I hated that no matter what, I couldn’t undo the feelings I felt for him. I hated him because I allowed myself to settle. I hated him because in my mind I had the perfect fairy tale ending for us. I even thought God had destined us to be together. But one thing about goodbye, there’s always some good in it.

He did what I didn’t have the guts to do no matter how much I was hurting. I couldn’t bring myself to let go. To me letting go meant that I had lost the fight. I thought what if he is really the one for me and I end up regretting it. I was playing God. I was ordering my own steps. I thought love was enough. I thought if I loved him longer and held on stronger that I could get him to see that I was the one for him and he the one for me. I thought if I loved him more and turned into whatever he wanted me to be that I could make him happy. I thought I had enough love to fill in the love that he didn’t have for me.

But for once, I didn’t beg him to stay. I did cry, the ugly cry too, but I let him have his way. If he felt that he needed to let me go to further and better his life, who am I to stop that, it’s what I needed to do as well. I was looking for him to fill in a void that he could never fill. I was looking to him to be my distraction from my own brokenness that I was feeling. I was putting him in the place of God idolizing him. I thought my healing would come from him, but I realized what I needed to do was love myself and draw closer to God. To stay in the word and focus on myself & my kids & being the mother to them that they deserve, and the woman to myself that I should’ve been a long time ago. I made a vow to refrain from sex, and submit to God and let him have his will cause every time I tried to be director of my life I messed up terribly.


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Chained by Fear of Love

Love is such a powerful feeling. It has the ability to either inspire you or break you. It makes you feel wanted and helpless at the same time that you can’t help but surrender into its traps.

Why are we so afraid of falling in love?

Simple. The euphoria we feel once we fall in love is just too good to be true that we become scared of what will happen once the emotions are gone. Not all couples are able to retain the feeling. It always takes two to tango but unfortunately, not everyone can keep up with the pace and you end up having a one-sided love. We are afraid to get too close because we fear that the other may not catch us when we fall. And it hurts like hell. The excruciating pain will be deeply seated in your heart. It will serve as a reminder of the agony you experienced when the other can’t return the feeling.

But love is a feeling in your bones that you can’t easily wave off. The thing is… it is a “risk” you have to take. After you have taken the chance, your sacrifice doesn’t just end there. You will become selfless and give the person everything that will make them happy. You will invest a lot of emotions in the relationship that sometimes you even forget to leave something for yourself.

When someone starts to make you feel special, you immediately turn your defenses up to protect yourself from getting hurt. All because of fear, you are preventing yourself to be loved. Of course, “being in love” is not an easy road to take. But will you always let that fear cripple your chance to find happiness?

Vulnerability scares you.

Fearing the unknown is understandable. It prompts us to use our head and avoid stupid decisions brought by devoted emotions. You want to remain in your comfort zone where you are 100% sure you won’t get your heart broken. Because for you, the more you care, the more you’ll get hurt.

History might repeat itself.

No matter what you do, the hurt in previous relationships will continue to influence how you will perceive the people who get too close to you. Negative experiences make us wary of letting someone enter into our life. We steer away from attachments because it will bring back old feelings, hurt, and anger.

Love is often lopsided.

You like the person “too much” that you are afraid that the other may not be able to give you the same amount of love. You are not sure as to how long will their feeling for you will sustain. Emotions are something you have to let grow. Worrying about how one feel more than the other will only result to endless doubts.

Friends and family always have something to say.

You can never please everybody and that includes the people close to the person you love. To love means accepting the fact that even if his family doesn’t like you, you have to continue understanding them. Because loving the person means loving the people around him as well.

You fear loss.

When the person starts to mean more to us, the more we fear of losing the person. We start to become aware of the fact that we are mere mortals and eventually, we will depart from this world. Just the thought of losing a beloved person to death is enough to make us fear to be in love. Too much attachment causes too much pain.

Love is always associated with pain. You just got to choose which one is worthy of that risk.

Stop hiding yourself in the closet. Let love find you through this lovely bouquet of flowers Perth.


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